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My Experience

Hello, I'm Sissy.

After graduating from The Yoga Room's 220-Hour Samapatti Yoga Teacher Training Program, I am well-rounded in the holistic practice of yoga. I am also Certified by the Yoga Alliance and Certified in First Aid/CPR/AED by the American Red Cross. I teach group classes and private lessons.


I began my yoga journey in high school with a Vinyasa Flow practice to compliment my dance & circus background. From there, my training has also branched into the more gentle styles of yoga. These include restorative practices, such as Yoga Nidra, as well as meditation.


Whether you are looking to create some heat in your body or to find some time to relax, I can guide you to find your most blissful self. We'll discover what makes you feel best!

You can download my resume here.

My Experience

Classes I Teach



These classes incorporate a combination of yoga styles. Generally, you will be practicing poses both statically and dynamically. These classes will aid you in developing overall strength, stamina, and flexibility.



If you're looking to gain strength and muscular toning, a Vinyasa Flow or Advanced Yoga class may be most appropriate for you. These classes require some previous experience in order to have a fundamental understanding of the poses and breathwork. These classes find balance between more vigorous movement and holding difficult poses statically. 


Beginners & Mixed Level

Beginners can gain a vast amount of insight from even taking one class. You will learn how to move into and out of poses in mindful ways to avoid injury. These classes will involve you experimenting with various modifications of the more common yoga poses.



Some rejuvenating class options include Yoga I/II, Easy Hatha, Yin, Yoga for the Spine, Restorative, and Meditation. These classes will aid you in gently finding length in the body and creating a mind-body connection through conscious use of the breath. The slow pace of these classes ensure safety while enhancing flexibility.

Classes I Teach


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